Flight Control System

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The Flight Controller set features an ergonomically designed and realistic Flight Stick with separate Throttle Control. With USB Plug & Play this is a simple to use package for Windows Vista/7/8. Included is a driver for advanced key mapping features that have 3 individual modes of operation.

The Flight Stick is robust and sturdy and features four suction pads to enhance stability and maintain its position. It has 12 programmable buttons and analog slider control, with optional vibration feedback function. Control features include Analog X/Y Axis, Z rotation (Rudder Control), POV (Point of View) Hat switch plus Trigger and Pinkie buttons.

The Throttle Control has an additional 4 buttons and has rubber trimmed controls for X/Y rotation. The Analog Throttle Control also comes with adjustable friction settings for a more responsive experience.

  • Flight Stick with separate Throttle Control
  • 3 key mapping modes
  • Flight Stick features:
    • Analog X / Y Axis & Z rotation (Rudder Control)
    • 12 buttons & analog slider control
    • Trigger and Pinkie buttons
    • POV (Point Of View) Hat switch
  • Throttle Control features:
    • Analog Throttle Control
    • 4 buttons
    • Rubber trimmed controls for analogue X / Y Rotation
    • Adjustable friction setting for the throttle control
    • POV (Point Of View) Hat switch


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Product Code: JS285

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